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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks Brings 200 New Features

Mac OS X Mavericks

Through World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2013 event, Apple announced its latest operating system for Mac computers. Unlike the previous versions which use animal name like Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, and Panther, Apple calls Mac OS X 10.9 as Mavericks.

Before explaining new features on Mavericks, Apple shared the success story of Mountain Lion to the audiences. Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Mountain Lion has been shipped as many as 28 million copies since released in the late of this year. 35% of Apple users have installed Mountain Lion on their device. OS X Lion only sold as many as 26 million copies.

As it was revealed by Craig Federighi, OS X Mavericks has more than 200 new features. The main features focus on battery-saving capabilityand enhanced performance. It's said that the use of CPU power reduced by 72%. The improvement is done by compressing inactive RAM, so the space will be larger.

Mavericks OS also brings new Safari and iCloud. The update adds a feature for remembering username and password. Other new feature on Mavericks is notifications center on desktop which supports Facetime, email services, and push notification.

Maps service on Mavericks also get improvement with 3D view, additional point of interest, turn-by turn navigation, and the ability to create route on Mac, then transfer it to iPhone. For iBooks service, Apple presents 1.8 million choices of books that can be accessed. The app can perform synchronization between iOS and Mac, so it will simplify user to switch to other device while reading content.
Mac OS X Mavericks Maps

Mac OS X Mavericks screenshot

Mac OS X Mavericks screenshot

Mac OS X Mavericks screenshot

Mavericks will be available for download via Mac App Store starting from fall.

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